Viola - the Finnish National Discography

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This page contains search tips and shortcuts for the different materials in the Finnish National Discography Viola.

Viola is the Finnish national discography and the national bibliography of sheet music. Viola contains information on Finnish music recordings and sheet music as well as music archives included in the National Library's collections. Information is available on recordings from 1901 onward and on sheet music from 1977 onwards.

Other national data can be found in the Finnish National Bibliography Fennica.

For general information about Viola, visit the National Library of Finland's website . Professional user services can be found in the Kiwi Customer Wiki . The channels for utilising Viola as open data are described in the Data catalogue .

Limiting to Viola in the search service

Viola's desiderata

A list of missing music materials in the national collection. Contains information about music recordings and sheet music that are missing from the National Library collections.


The Agents search is used to find information on persons and corporate bodies related to Finnish publications. In addition to material related to agents, the variant names of the agents (for example, different language formats, linguistic formats, abbreviations, initials formats) and ISNI codes can be searched. In the case of music material, the Agents search is lacking for the time being.

Online material

Viola also contains information on online music materials. For copyright reasons, the majority of online materials obtained as legal deposits are only available at separate legal deposit workstations.

Digitised material

The national collection is constantly digitised. For copyright reasons, the majority of digitised music materials obtained as legal deposit releases are only available at separate legal deposit workstations . Freely available digitised music recordings are available from the Raita collection in the Doria service and sheet music material from the service .

Search tips for advanced search

Also read the instructions for the search service.


The author may be a person or a corporate body. Roles include composer ("säveltäjä"), lyricist ("sanoittaja"), arranger ("sovittaja") and performer ("esittäjä").

  • "kärki toivo"
  • "saariaho kaija" säveltäjä
  • "kolmas nainen"


In the Title search select the option from the three available that is best suited: Title contains, Title starts with, or Title exact.

Search by the names of releases, songs or works.

  • "suuri toivelaulukirja"
  • "greatest songs"

You can also search with uniform titles, which can be used to find the same works with different names (e.g. different languages) in the same search.

  • "kesäilta op1"
  • "konsertot viulu" (NOT violin concertos)

Combination of author and title

Enter the name of the author in the Author/role field and the name of the work in the appropriate Title field.

  • Author/Role: sibelius, Title begins with: sinfoniat
  • Author/Role: melartin, Title contains: op22


Use subject headings to search for publications by topic. Use genre terms to search for works by form or genre. You can use the YSO vocabulary to select keywords and the SLM vocabulary to select genre terms.

  • "Afro-Cuban jazz”
  • Operas


The classification of Viola materials is based on PLC - the Finnish Public Libraries Classification System. Narrow down the search by class, by entering the classification number in the advanced search classification field.

  • 78.8911
  • 78.5561