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With The National Library Search service you can find material from our collections and also from other sources from humanistic research.

The National Collection - Fennica

In addition to domestic printed products and sound recordings, the National Collection also contains foreign materials in the Finnish language as well as materials published by Finns and concerning Finland. The National Collection is the archive repository of the national imprint.

The materials can be studied at the Fabiania Reading Rooms. Fiction and leisure magazines are loaned for research use only by special permission.

The National Collection is catalogued in the Fennica and Viola databases. Fennica contains information about monographs since 1488, serials since 1771, maps, audiovisual materials and electronic publications printed or produced in Finland. The catalogue also includes materials published outside of Finland that relate to Finland or are written by a Finnish author.

A portion of the older materials have been catalogued only in the National Collection's card index. There are also microfilm and special material catalogues for the National Collection.

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The National Discography - Viola

Viola is the Finnish national discography and the national bibliography of sheet music. It also contains references to foreign materials in 13 Finnish music library collections.

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The research collection – Humaniora

The Research Collection consists of Finnish and foreign literature related to the humanities and social science fields. Besides research literature, it also contains a considerable number of reference works, bibliographies and source publications. The main categories are history, Antiquity and Medieval studies, art (music, literature, the visual arts), philosophy, linguistics, church history and theology.

The older parts of the collection form Finland's most extensive collection of foreign research literature. The multidisciplinary collection also contains literature from the fields of jurisprudence and the social sciences and medicine and the natural sciences. As far as fiction in concerned, only critical editions of classics in their original languages, are acquired for the collection.

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Slavonic Library – Slavica

The Slavonic Library is a continuously accumulating collection serving research related to Russia and Eastern Europe. The Legal Deposit Collection that was accrued in 1828–1917 includes deposit copies of printed matters in all subjects published within the borders of the Russian Empire. From the Soviet period, the collection contains literature mainly from the fields of humanities and social sciences from the Soviet Union and other countries within the Slavic language area. The collection also includes emigrant literature. Acquisition of new materials is focused on the fields of humanities and social sciences within Russian and Eastern European studies.

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Finnish Articles – Arto

The articles from over 500 Finnish journals are indexed in the Arto database. It contains both journal article references and references to articles in monographs. If an article is available in digital form, it is linked to the bibliographic record. However, some of these full text versions, such as the Elektra articles, require a separate user license.

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National repository Library – Vaari

The NRL collections include monographs and periodicals as well as series in all languages and in all fields: fiction and non-fiction, dissertations and books in Braille.

Our customers can order materials from the National Repository Library for free. Orders are made with an electronic order form.

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Search results from Helka

Here you can search printed collections from the Helka catalogue which includes collections of Helsinki University Library, Institute for the Languages of Finland, The Finnish Heritage Agency Library, Finnish Literature Society, Library of the Labour Movement and Baltia-library.

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